At a glance

  • Surface inspection
  • Width, lenghth, height measurement
  • Hole search
  • Counting objects
  • Filling level control
  • Tear detection
  • Gap measurement
  • Batch completeness control
  • and much more

Motiv: Camera

The use of line scan cameras is ideal wherever material is produced and conveyed continuously. A typical field of application of CCD line scan cameras is in the area of non-contact surface inspection. Various materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, sheet metal, foil, wood, coatings or even different types of floor coverings can be inspected for even the smallest errors such as inclusions, holes, specks, spots, scratches, cracks, spots or texture differences during the production process.

The width measurement of paper, sheet metal, wood, foil or other products is also a classic measurement task for CCD line combs. For the monitoring of large widths or for a high-precision length measurement, the use of two synchronized cameras is possible. Further areas of application are u.a. Crack detection at web edges, gap measurement between two or more webs, height measurement of objects and level control.

In object counting, various objects can be detected and counted simultaneously at high speed. In this way, a completeness check, e.g. in the packaging sector.

Examples for possible faults.

Here you can see real pictures of our high-speed cameras from the current production in various customer projects. The error description contains exact information with detailed pictures in the documentation.

Motive: Stain
Motive: Fold
Motive: Edge crack
Edge crack
Motive: Bubble
Motive: Bulge